Golden Bear Monarch Elk Farm
About our family & farm

Golden Bear Monarchs Elk Farm, established in 2003 by the Spanton family, is more than just another farm. Tucked into Wisconsin’s beautiful Rock County near Beloit, the carefully planned 180-acre site showcases lush pastureland with surrounding native vegetation. Various family home sites dot the landscape and divide the acreage into farming units.

Since 2003, the elk herd has grown from 9 to 90 animals, adding several world-class genetics. As a result, GBM Elk Farm has won 1st to 5th place in several hard antler classes at the annual NAEBA international antler competition. Our goal is to continue the process of creating greater genetics in our elk herd while encouraging and promoting the elk farming industry in general.

Our farming heritage spans several generations. Before adding elk, we focused on raising pigs, cattle and grain. Grandpa Dave continues the cattle tradition by raising Belted Galloways, a heritage beef breed of cattle originating from Galloway on the west side of southern Scotland. These black cattle with a white belt are often nicknamed “Oreo” cows due to their color pattern looking like a cookie sandwich with cream filling. We proudly grass-feed our “belties” for their high-quality marbled beef.